Someone embedded an Android tablet in a mirror, because 2019

  – THE NEXT WEB –     Smart mirrors are a thing, apparently.   It’s okay to talk to your mirror. Plenty of people start the day by recanting affirmations in-front of their own reflection. Things only become a bit troublesome when the mirror talks back. You could be living in some sort of…

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Android is coming to bathrooms around the world through a smart mirror

  – PHONE ARENA –     In the age of the smart home, one can expect every appliance in their abode — from the juicer to the porcelain throne — to be smart and controllable with voice or through almost any imaginable combination of smart devices and AI assistants. At CES this year, many companies,…

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Google Assistant is now in your bathroom mirror

  – TECH RADAR –     The company has announced the launch of its Google-enabled Smart Mirror, with both voice and touch screen capabilities at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The Smart Mirror allows you to access Google Assistant, check weather and traffic before you head out for the day, and stream YouTube – handy if…

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