Google-enabled Smart Mirror announced at CES

  – Android Authority –   Between significant announcements at CES, we sometimes find smaller companies releasing rather ingenious products. One such company is Capstone Connected Home, which just unveiled a Google-enabled Smart Mirror. As seen in the image, the Smart Mirror’s display is placed behind the reflective surface. This technique makes it so that…

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[CES 2019] Capstone Connected Home introduces their Google-Enabled smart mirror

  – TECHAERIS –     We’re here at CES 2019 checking out what consumer technology companies are offering up for the year. Capstone Connected Home is one of those companies and they’re introducing their new Google-enabled smart mirror. It seems like Google is creeping into just about everything these days. From smart speakers to…

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Capstone’s Google-enabled Smart Mirror delivers hands-free convenience

  – STUFF –   Mirror mirror… If you adore gadgets that make you feel like you’re in a sci-fi blockbuster, Capstone’s Google-enabled Smart Mirror is going to blow your mind. The robust reflector wants to bring an extra splash of convenience to your home by letting you assess traffic, check the weather, stream YouTube,…

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Someone embedded an Android tablet in a mirror, because 2019

  – THE NEXT WEB –     Smart mirrors are a thing, apparently.   It’s okay to talk to your mirror. Plenty of people start the day by recanting affirmations in-front of their own reflection. Things only become a bit troublesome when the mirror talks back. You could be living in some sort of…

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